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Par-Salian (ca. 286 AC - ? AC) was a powerful white-robed mage who served as the longest standing Master of the Conclave during the Age of Despair. As well as ruling the entire Conclave, Par-Salian was also the head of the white robes and the most powerful mage in the Conclave at the time. He was only surpassed in magical might by the likes of Raistlin Majere during his lifetime. By shortly after the War of the Lance, Par-Salian appeared as a frail and elderly man in his seventies, who stood at 5'9" tall and weighed 129 pounds. He had long wispy white hair, a long white beard and bright blue eyes. Par-Salian preferred studying in solitude rather than dealing with the daily running of the Conclave. He dwelt in the Tower of Wayreth and by the War of the Lance, he would not even leave the tower under any circumstances.

Early Life

In his youth, Par-Salian was close to a lovely black-robe known as Ladonna. The pair were inseparable and in love, believing that their dedication to magic would bridge their own philosophical choices between the path of Solinari and that of Nuitari. However over time, both Par-Salian and Ladonna became significantly powerful mages in their own orders, and they grew apart. Their relationship ended when Ladonna learnt that Par-Salian had an affair with her mistress Arianna, to whom Ladonna herself was apprenticed.

Age of Despair

By 339 AC, Par-Salian was already well entrenched as the Master of the Conclave, leading the Conclave with the red-robed Belize and the black-robed Ladonna. Following a debacle in which evidence was brought before the Conclave by a powerful red-robed mage known as Justarius, Belize was branded a renegade for practicing forbidden magic and Par-Salian elevated Justarius to the role of head of the red-robes. Par-Salian continued the fight against renegade mages, aiding both Guerrand DiThon and his nephew Bram DiThon with rooting out the renegade Lyim Rhistadt and bringing him to justice.

In 332 AC, Par-Salian met with his old comrade Antimodes, a fellow mage of the white robes and discusses concerns over further attacks on mages. Antimodes tell Par-Salian about a promising young child known as Raistlin Majere, who he is interested in enrolling in magic school. Par-Salian gives his consent, and the pair also discusses rumors of dark forces gathering in Neraka. Again in 346 AC, Par-Salian and Antimodes discuss the case of Raistlin Majere, and Par-Salian makes the decision to rush the young mage through the Test of High Sorcery, as he feels that Raistlin will prove to be an asset against the armies of Takhisis that are building in strength and will attack in the coming years. Even though Par-Salian suspects that the ancient mage Fistandantilus might interfere in Raistlin's Test, he allows it to go ahead, but grants Raistlin's twin Caramon the right to accompany his brother to the Tower of Wayreth and watch the Test through a scrying bowl. After Raistlin passes the Test with the magical aid of Fistandantilus, and his body is shattered, Par-Salian bestows two gifts on the young mage. First he grants the hourglass eyes of the sorceress Raelana on the mage, which allow him to see the accelerated passage of time, unfold on those around him. Secondly he gives the powerful Staff of Magius to Raistlin, before the mage leaves the tower with his brother.

The archmage's prediction would turn out to be true, as during the final fighting at Neraka during the War of the Lance, it was Raistlin's magic that assisted in bringing about the fall of Ariakas, leader of the Dragonarmies, and prevented Takhisis from winning the war and entering Krynn. Following the war when Raistlin turned from the Conclave and walked darker paths than even the black robes, Par-Salian fell under scrutiny and suffered from pressure from all sides to step down as Master of the Conclave. Many mages felt that his policy of inaction during the war, coupled with his strong endorsement of the mage-turned-renegade Raistlin, were grounds for him to no longer serve as head of the Conclave. In 356 AC Par-Salian learnt about Raistlin's plan to go back in time and ultimately challenge the gods. The mage sent Caramon Majere and the cleric Crysania back in time to thwart Raistlin's plan. However mounting pressure eventually led to Par-Salian stepping down as Master of the Conclave in the same year. Ladonna also stepped down as Mistress of the Black Robes at the same time, and the pair retired.

Rumors exist that in the following year 357 AC, Ladonna and Par-Salian journeyed to a demi-plane in search of the Lost Tower of High Sorcery, where they faced an archmage known Spyranus. Aided by a group of adventurers and ultimately the god Gilean, they were successful in defeating Spyranus and returning back to Ansalon. The validity of this final adventure is uncertain.

Alternate Krynns


In this alternate version of Krynn, Par-Salian wears the black robes and is the head of the black robes. The archmage rules from the Tower of Wayreth and is a cold and cruel man, who is intolerant of those who do not wield magic. Par-Salian has designs on conquering the city of Tarsis and has a nest of spies across the city, feeding him information on its weaknesses.

Originally in this alternate world, Par-Salian did wear the white robes and was in love with the black-robed mage Ladonna. However his lover was kidnapped by barbarians from the Plains of Dust and killed, which turned Par-Salian from the light. The mage took on the black-robes and set about attempting to wipe out the barbarians who slew his beloved.

In more recent times, Nuitari has visited Par-Salian to inform his servant of the coming forces of Takhisis. The deity has instructed his servant that he will require a weapon to combat the dark times ahead. The master mage has received word of a promising young mage called Raistlin Majere, who may be able to serve in that capacity. Par-Salian has called for Raistlin to come to Wayreth and take the Test of High Sorcery at a young age, to prove his worth.


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Name Par-Salian
Birth 286 AC
Death 1 AC
Race Human
Gender Male
Nationality Abanasinian
Hair Colour White
Eye Colour Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight 129lbs
Class Wizard
Occupation Master Of The Conclave
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Elistan : Tue, Apr 9th, 306 AC - 356 AC

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Thu, Chislmont 4th
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Fri, Chislmont 19th
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